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Education Buildings

The education sector has long respected the benefits of off-site buildings, using modular classrooms to accommodate changes in local child numbers, minimise disruption to learning whilst vital building work takes place and as an affordable alternative to traditional builds.

From the staple call for single and double modular classrooms to full school facilities, we pride ourselves on our vast experience and ability to provide the best design solutions tailored to you.

Workable modular classrooms with fully insulated envelopes are constructed within the thresholds of the latest building regulations and building bulletins. Interactive white boards, full height halls, fresh air make up and intelligent glazing can all be incorporated to promote learning. Our modular classrooms can be traditional or state of the art, fitted with a wide range of exterior and interior finishes to best satisfy the local planning department.

With superior quality and affordable offerings, Integra is the perfect choice for the education sector.

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