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Integra Buildings Head Office, East Yorkshire

Our new office building is unusual for a modular construction as it has high ceilings, a concrete first-floor base and no central supports creating the open plan layout.

Client Integra Buildings
Cost £1,400,000

The ground floor features a double height reception area with glazed curtain walling and feature lighting, a business lounge, training areas and meeting rooms.

The high ceilings and industrial feel to the business lounge create a more relaxed non traditional work environment and make a great area for meetings and space to work.

The boardroom is based on the ground floor with a range of meeting rooms boasting a suite of technology to facilitate conference and video calling, large screen training and meeting support, there is a further training room for large team training and functions.

Integra’s staff are based on the open plan first floor in an environment that promotes communication, collaboration and swift decision-making. To one elevation of the building a range of departmental offices including Operations, Accounts, Site and the Managing Directors office, to enhance our open working these offices are glazed to promote light throughout the building and interactive working environments.

Bespoke Specification:

  • Full turnkey project for a Two Storey Building
  • 16 Bay Head Office Building
  • Ground Floor with Business Lounge, Boardroom and Training Room
  • Formal Reception Area, Offices, Kitchen and Staff facilities
  • To the First Floor large open plan office, separate offices & meeting room
  • Print Room, Kitchen area with further seating and balcony