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Our Quality Policy

As consultants, project managers and manufacturers, the directors and management team of Integra Buildings Ltd believe that the company’s success stems from a simple and uncompromising objective “to provide a quality service to the highest possible standard through consistency, reliability, professionalism and cost-effectiveness”.

Whilst not yet formally accredited in relation to Quality Assurance, we have encouraged and developed a “quality culture” within the production team.  Our Production and Quality Control Manager has over 25 years experience in high volume, flow-line production management.

It is the policy of Integra Buildings Ltd that our integrated management system (IMS) policy is in compliant with accreditations and that our operations are conducted within the demands of our IMS, all customer contractual obligations and the expectations of all stakeholders.

The implementation of this policy is important to maintain our integrity as an organisation whose scope of operations is “The design, manufacture, sale, refurbish and maintenance of modular and anti-vandal units.”

Integra Buildings Ltd commit to:

• Comply with and satisfy all requirements
• Comply with all applicable legal requirements and other requirements we may subscribe to
• Prevention of pollution
• Prevention of injury and ill health
• Continually improve the effectiveness of the IMS management systems
• Provide a framework for establishing and reviewing IMS objectives

This policy is communicated to all members of staff and any other person working for or on behalf of Integra Buildings Ltd.

Using these measures ensures that the construction process is safe, controlled and delivered on time and within budget. 

For any further information about our quality control or any other policies please do not hesitate to contact us.

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